Combined Home Phone and Internet Calculator  
    Home Telephone Diary               Plan Details      
  A. Business Calls (Incoming and outgoing)     E. Total Home Telephone Portion of the Bill ($)  
                    * If exact portions are unknown place 50% of the total bill into Internet and 50% into Home Telephone    
  B. Total Calls (Income and Outgoing)     F. Total Internet portion of the bill($) (if known)*  
                    Total Bill    
    Internet Diary               Business Percentage  
  C. Total Business Hours                    
                    Total Claim (Incl. GST)  
  D. Total Hours (Business and Private)      
    1. Enter the details of the number of calls and hours per you diary at items A, B, C, and D. (You must enter a value > 0 in all diary fields)
    2. Enter the amount you pay each billing period for your combined Home Phone and Internet Services  
    N.B Only use this calculator if you have a combined phone and internet service and your internet and telephone charges are not separately  
    listed on the account.