This calculator is provided to help you calculate your claim percentage for your Home Telephone Expenses. To calculate the correct percentages you should keep a diary of your incoming and outgoing calls and enter your billing information for one billing period (usually four weeks / 1 month). If the usage of your telephone remains the same, you can use this percentage for all of your bills over the entire financial year.
  Telephone Diary     Telephone Bill Calculation    
A. Number of Local calls (Outgoing only)     E. Total Cost of Local Calls  
B. Total Number of Outgoing Local Calls       Total Claim for Local Phone Calls  
  Total Local Call Claim Percentage     F. Total Cost of STD and other calls for Business  
C. Business Calls (Incoming and outgoing)     G. Total Cost of all STD and other calls (Business and Private)  
D. Total Calls (Incoming and Outgoing)       Total Local / STD Call Percentage  
  Total Line Rental Percentage     H. Total Cost of Line Rental  
      Total Telephone Bill  
      Business Percentage of Entire Bill  
    1. Enter the number of calls recorded in your telephone diary at items A, B, C and D.    
    2. Enter the details of the other components of your telephone bill at items E, F, G and H.    
    The Business percentage of your telephone bill will then be displayed as well as the calculation of the claim for the period.    
    While you only need to keep a diary of your incoming and outgoing calls once a year where your pattern of use remains the same, if your STD calls vary significantly each month you should consider using this diary for calculating your claim for each of your telephone bills.  
    This calculator is intended to be a helpful guide to clients and is for their private information. The information provided from this calculator is given in good faith and is believed to be accurate. However, neither Child Care Accounting nor any of its employees give any warranty of reliability or accuracy nor accept anyresponsibility in any way including by reason of negligence for errors or omissions herein.