Activity Statements

Businesses prepare and lodge activity statements with the ATO on either a quarterly, monthly or annual basis. There are basically two types of statements. These are the Business Activity Statements (BAS); and Instalment Activity Statement (IAS)

A BAS will always be lodged where you are registered for GST. It will generally include reporting for GST, FBT, Fuel Excise, PAYGI, PAYGW as well as other taxes and rebates. If you are not registered or reporting for GST, you may still be required to lodge an IAS where you have liabilities or entitlements to pay or report for the other taxes.

You may elect to lodge your activity statements quarterly, monthly or annually.

The ATO Website provides instructions on how to complete sections of the activity statement:

Where annual turnover is less than $20 million, you can lodge your Business Activity Statement monthly or quarterly. However, if your annual turnover is $20 million or more, you must lodge your Business Activity Statement and make payments electronically every month.

The ATO website provides answers to some common questions about the Activity Statement

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