Save Time, Stress, Money and offer better support to your Educators.

Do You Need Help With Any of The Following?

  • Payroll and superannuation processing and administration
  • BAS statement preparation
  • Preparation of monthly, interim and end of year accounts
  • Tax return preparation
  • Assistance with annual statutory audit
  • Ongoing structure, accounting, taxation assistance and advisory services
  • Business plans and strategies
  • Provision of tailored software and advice
  • Insurances
  • Car or other equipment finance
  • Superannuation

Our Accountants have over 10 years’ experience assisting Schemes and co-ordination units with their taxation and accounting needs, and we understand their unique accounting needs.

We can assist in reducing the time and wage cost of your staff or yourself in taking care of your tax, accounting and audit requirements.

Our services will allow you to concentrate on providing your educators with the support they need and have the assurance that your tax compliance and administration is taken care of.

Fixed Monthly, Quarterly or Annual Fees

Our fees are fixed and agreed upon before completing any work. We can also assist with your cashflow by breaking up your fees on a monthly or quarterly basis.

This allows you to pick and choose the services you need...

We can tailor a package for you with a fixed and regular monthly fee to include any of the services listed above. If you wish, you may also wish to utilise us for specific tasks and continue to use your regular accountant for your tax work.

For example, if you need help in processing your payroll and/or BAS, we can assist you with this during the year and help prepare your information for your accountant at the end of the financial year.

Reduce your end of year taxation and accounting fees...

While we are able to offer a full range of accounting and taxation services, if you would like to continue to use your current accountant, we can prepare your work for your accountant and assist in reducing your end of year accounting fees.

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